Parenting Now!

Parenting Now! Collaborating to Support All Families in Our Community

Here I am again, talking about how great our programs are—hands down, the easiest part of my job. Today, I’m writing to let you know about a part of our organization you may not know too much about—our wonderful collaborations.

Parenting Now: Community-Centered and Community-Based

Parenting Now! collaborates and partners in many local initiatives—LaneKids, the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative, the Home Visiting Innovation Team, 90by30 and more. We all work together to create a lasting support network for families and children in Lane County and beyond.

A most recent example is Parenting Now!’s collaboration with LaneKids, Lane County Public Health, Oregon Research Institute and Trillium on the Triple P project. Triple P is an internationally recognized positive parenting program that dovetails well with our work with families in Lane County. Funded by Trillium, the collaboration was created to bring elements of Triple P to Lane County to reinforce the importance of parenting education through:

This collaboration furthers our goals of reaching all families and increases the demand for evidence-based group programs, such as what we offer at Parenting Now!.

Parenting Now! and Triple P

Our dedicated work with families and parenting education at the state and local levels has been an asset to the Triple P collaboration because we know what families in our community need. Our dedicated staff is, for example, authoring the Triple P blog on and Parenting Now!’s website, and administering the Triple P Online Program, to ensure that they reflect our specific community and to provide support for EVERY parent.

The Triple P Online program is where Trillium families get free access to an online parenting education course as well as telephone coaching. This is a great option for rural or isolated families to get solid parenting education and support and is indeed the communication platform many of our families need and request.

So when you see reference to Triple P in the papers and elsewhere, know that THAT’s Parenting Now! working in exciting new collaborative ways to help expand parenting education options to families in our community.

And know too — Parenting Now! still offers our range of parenting education and support for our community, including new offerings like our prenatal group, the Language of Newborns, and the Joy of Grandparenting. Our approach to positive parenting and preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) continues to be a tried and true model validated more and more by current brain development research.

After 38 years, we are pleased to say that our network is spanning generations— we see many of “our” grandchildren in groups today—AND expanding our offerings, including through collaborations such as Triple P for Lane County.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.  As you see from the photo I am always happy to talk about our work!  Happy Parenting!