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Curricula Training

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We can provide training at your location for Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition® / Parenting Now!® The Curriculum, Haga de la Paternidad un Placer®, and Parenting: The First Three Years® curricula.

These fast-paced, interactive, two-day trainings are  for parenting education professionals who use or plan to use our curriculua and want to increase their proficiency and understanding. These trainings equip parenting educators to best use the Make Parenting A Pleasure, Second Edition / Parenting Now! The Curriculum, Haga de la Paternidad un Placer, or Parenting: The First Three Years curricula.

Parenting educators will:

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum
  • Experience a sample session
  • Practice and present a portion of the curriculum
  • Discuss applications and implementation for using the curriculum with the families you serve

By the end of this training, they will be more knowledgeable, confident and skilled in delivering the curriculum.

Facilitation Training

Foundations of Facilitation is designed for parenting educators who implement parenting series in group settings. It is suitable for those new to facilitating and those looking to brush up and get new ideas.

This fast-paced, interactive, two-day training equips parenting education professionals to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of adult learning
  • Build and practice facilitation skills
  • Increase the ability to recognize, value and engage diverse participants
  • Maintain fidelity to a curriculum

By the end of this training, they will be more knowledgeable, confident and skilled in facilitating a parenting group.


We send two of our highly qualified trainers to your location. Training is typically two 8-hour days, but a longer training can be arranged. The training cost for up to 20 participants is $6,500 plus normal travel expenses for two trainers. Additional pariticpants are at a per person cost of $350, not to exceed 25 participants.

Cost is subject to change without notice.

Please contact us for more information at 866.310.4601 or email.

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