Foundations of Facilitation

Group facilitation skills are an essential competency for parenting educators. This virtual training emphasizes the importance of engaging families of all backgrounds and celebrating diversity.

Foundations of Facilitation, adapted from The Ford Family Foundation's training, is designed for parenting educators who implement parenting series in group settings.

It is suitable for those new to facilitating and those looking to brush up and get new ideas. 

Foundations of Facilitation is a virtual training. 

In this 12-hour training, you will:

  • Understand and apply Adult Learning Principles.
  • Learn and implement a variety of facilitation skills, such as questioning and debriefing strategies and managing group dynamics.
  • Learn to maintain fidelity in program implementation.
  • Collaborate and have fun!
woman, laptop. viewing Zoom meeting

Questions? Please call Mika Singer at Parenting Now, 866-310-4601, or send an email.

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