Make Parenting A Pleasure Virtual Groups for OPEC Hubs

Are you an Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative (OPEC) Hub?

Are you interested in bringing Parenting Now's Make Parenting A Pleasure virtual parenting groups to families in your community?

If so, our experienced Parenting Educators are ready to provide Make Parenting A Pleasure groups for your OPEC Hub to support the delivery of parenting education for the parents in your community.

Parenting Now has offered parenting education and support to Lane County families for over 40 years.

Our nationally recognized, group-based curriculum, Make Parenting A Pleasure (MPAP), is for highly stressed parents of children 0-8 and is infused with what we've gained from 40-plus years of working with over 110,000 parents and children—and now we want to offer our MPAP parenting groups to families all over the state of Oregon!

The Make Parenting A Pleasure curriculum is grounded in the Protective Factors Framework (Center for the Study of Social Policy) and is research- and evidence-based.

Parents who have attended a MPAP group self-reported improved symptoms of parental depression and improved parenting skills and knowledge of child development.

In a MPAP group, parents learn ways to manage stress; gain a deeper knowledge of child development; develop a toolkit of parenting strategies to help build a positive relationship with their child; and build their support network with other parents. 

Early Learning Division Funds can be used to provide MPAP virtual groups!

Cost: $6,200

Your families will receive:

  • 12 virtual MPAP groups (90-minutes each) provided via Zoom with a trained Parenting Now Parenting Educator.
  • Parent Booklets for each family.
  • Community building opportunities for your parents and families.

Contact Mika for details and scheduling. 

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