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Newsletter: Parenting Styles, Parenting Groups

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                                                                Summer 2015

Lynne SwartzA Note From Lynne

We see the positive results of our work every day, but it’s great to have proof. I’m very pleased that the initial results of a study of participants in our Make Parenting A Pleasure programs show that, compared to a control group, they had a significant decrease in postnatal depression while they increased their parenting skills and awareness of child development and behavior. Wow!

Feedback like this is a reflection on our terrific parenting educators and the participants in all of our groups and programs. Thank you, too, for your support of Parenting Now! We couldn’t do it without you.




Lynne Swartz
Executive Director

P.S. – Several more of our parenting groups are highlighted below!


Thoughtful Parenting Styles Are Effective With Children

Suitcase Magnet
“What will your child pack in their suitcase of life?” As part of our Terrific TWOs curriculum, parents think about how their parenting style will impact their children’s futures.

Helicopter and free-range parents are in the news. These parenting styles are discussed in the Terrific TWOs® curriculum from Parenting Now!

Our parenting educators talk about being a ‘brick’ or a ‘marshmallow’, and how either style has limited effectiveness. A ‘tree’ style helps children learn and grow while staying rooted in the family’s values. Read more about the ‘tree’ parenting style.

A tree style is flexible enough to work with parents’ values and children’s varying temperaments and developmental stages. With thoughtfulness, parents can accommodate all of these factors and nurture a child who moves into the world with a suitcase full of values and abilities that help them navigate in life.

Try the sample parenting style plan from our Terrific TWOs online curriculum!


Join Us at Agrarian Ales!

A benefit evening for the families and programs of Parenting Now!

Please join us for a casual evening at the Eugene area’s latest summer hotspot, a benefit for Parenting Now! Learn More >>

Agrarian Ales Farm Fete
Thursday, August 13, 2015
5:30 – 8:00 PM

Agrarian Ales Farm
31115 Crossroads Ln W
Eugene, Oregon
(5 miles north of Coburg, off Coburg Road)

Please join us for a casual evening at the Eugene area’s latest summer hotspot. Enjoy live music, wood-fired pizzas, a variety of salads, and of course, Agrarian’s locally grown beers in this lovely outdoor venue.

Tickets: $60 per person
(Includes food, drink, entertainment, and knowing you are making a difference in the lives of children and families in Lane County and beyond.)

RSVP online or by calling 541.484.5316. Questions? Please contact Development Manager Stephanie Edwards at 541.349.7793 or sedwards@parentingnow.org.


What’s It Like in an Incredible INFANTs Group?

By Erin Bowling

It’s the burden of a new parent to obsess about whether or not your baby is normal. Every new milestone just brings a host of new milestones to worry about, and from what I hear, it never really gets better. But at least it is a burden we share with other parents.

Erin and her daughter
Erin and her daughter

In my Incredible INFANTs group, we have the opportunity to see the range of abilities and interests in our babies, to voice our anxieties about those abilities, and to hear that we are not alone in our anxiety. My daughter is one of the younger babies in the group, so I get the benefit of seeing the others navigate the steps ahead of us. It’s hard not to compare your child to one other child, but seeing the diversity in a larger group provides valuable context for keeping worries at bay.

Struggling with postpartum depression has also made me question my own normalcy as a parent and I worry that I’m not providing my daughter with the same advantages that other parents are providing. Being a part of a group of parents sharing our fears and triumphs helps me to see that we all have our own parenting styles, and even helps me to recognize my triumphs as such.

But the simplest benefit of these groups is just to have a place to go that is genuinely baby-friendly. I spend most of my trips out of the house worrying that the baby will cry or have a diaper explosion, or that I will be late. There is something very freeing about belonging to a group where all of those things are perfectly okay. Our babies fuss and need to nurse, spit up on us, and require various kinds of jiggling, patting, and rocking to stay happy, and none of those things disrupt the discussion. The group facilitator provides structure to the conversation and keeps things moving along so we can contribute while caring for our babies.

Sharing the burden of fretting about your child’s development is vital to staying sane as a new parent. It’s unfortunate that most communities lack the built-in social structures that would have provided that support to new parents in the past, but organizations like Parenting Now! create a venue to build your own village.

Erin Bowling blogs for Parenting Now! Read her posts and other entries.


News and Updates

Semi-Retirement for Dianne Reinmuth,
Parenting Educator Supreme

Dianne Reinmuth
Dianne Reinmuth

Dianne has worked with hundreds of parents in her nearly 18 years as a parenting educator with Parenting Now! She is limiting her work now as she enters a well-deserved semi-retirement.

Over the years, she has led Incredible INFANTs groups as well as Wonderful ONEs, Terrific TWOs, Parents Again and Make Parenting A Pleasure groups. For several years, she has supported Baby Connection. She’s the one taking photos of babies and talking to the new parents!

Throughout her work at Parenting Now!, Dianne has offered steadiness, wisdom, support, ideas and laughter. She will continue to staff Baby Connection and is available for daytime groups.

Parenting Now! is a Rotary Raffle Recipient Rotary Raffle
We’re thrilled to be one of the agencies that will receive funding for child abuse and prevention programsGRR_logorevision_PROOF2 through the Rotary Raffle. It replaces the Great Rotary Duck Race but still features great prizes selected through a raffle. Read more and buy your tickets by contacting our office at 541.484.5316 or by email. Funds raised will be used to provide more of our Make Parenting A Pleasure groups.

38th Anniversary Auction is March 11
Join us on March 11, 2016 for one of the most fun and festive auction events in our area! Save the date in your calendar now!

Thank You for Your Support!
Whether you refer parents to us, have joined our Sustainer Fund, donate diapers, shop on Amazon Smile and credit us, have designated us as an eScrip beneficiary, or are one of our steadfast donors, we thank you for your belief in us and our mission to create a world where all children are raised by nurturing, supportive parents.

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