Parenting Now!

Meet Our Staff: Sarah Lame, Parenting Educator

Last newsletter we started a “tradition” of introducing you to our Board and Staff. This newsletter, we asked Sarah Lame, one of our Parenting Educators, to tell us a little about herself.

When did you join Parenting Now!?

I joined Parenting Now! in April of 2014. I can’t remember a time when my work didn’t bring me in touch with families and young children. From teaching Sunday School and babysitting to teaching Kindergarten and working with moms and babies through La Leche League. I have always loved being with babies and working closely with people.  Before working here, I was home with my two young daughters.  When I read the Parenting Educator job description, I thought “That’s me!  I would love that job!”  And I was right!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Parenting Now!?

I don’t think it is possible to pick one favorite thing about working here.  I literally LOVE my job so much!  From the feel good energy of our beautiful atrium (often filled with families and babies) to meeting and getting to know so many sweet families in our community, I’m literally filled with gratitude that I get to do this as my JOB!  In a world that is often filled with sad, scary and negative news, I get to see what’s really going in families. It fills me with hope to see families working to raise their children with love, thoughtful guidance, and community.

What would you like prospective parents to know about Parenting Now! that you think they may not realize or know?

I think many parents (myself included, once upon a time) worry that if they are in a group of families who have different values or parenting philosophies, the group won’t have much to offer. In fact, I have seen the exact opposite be true! Being in a room with other families that have one BIG thing in common (you are parents of an infant, ONE, TWO) allows parents to hear lots of ideas of how to handle things. It can help parents clarify what will work best for them. Being in a Parenting Now!  group is not about finding the answer, it’s about facilitating you finding your answer for your family, your baby. I just love that!