Parenting Now!

Meet Our Staff: Anita Quincy-Huffman

Anita Quincy-Huffman, 
Program Manager, Make Parenting A Pleasure

When did you join Parenting Now! and how did you find out about the organization?

I was at the University of Oregon getting my family services degree, and I had to go around to different agencies to “sell myself.” I went to DHS, Jasper Mountain, and Birth To Three. I selected Birth To Three. Worked there for one year as a student and I did all the different programs (infants group, toddler group, Make Parenting A Pleasure. . .). After I graduated, they hired me on in June of 1986. I chose them, and they chose me!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Parenting Now!?

The mission is incredible. I’ve always believed in prevention. Parenting Now! has an incredible staff. I love the families here and the diversity of whom I work with and the parenting issues we tackle.

Tell us about the work you do with Make Parenting A Pleasure.

I am the Program Manager, so I oversee hiring and coordinating the groups, reaching out to communities, and doing public talks about Make Parenting A Pleasure and Parenting Now!.

What would you like parents to know about Make Parenting A Pleasure that you think they may not realize or know?

It’s free! And that it works for any family who is experiencing any kind of transition, stress, or financial struggles. The curriculum is wonderful—it’s very strength-based. We don’t tell people how to parent. Through the class parents realize they already know so much. It’s more about clarifying what their values are and what their family believes in.

Some people are afraid to take parenting classes, and as far as I’m concerned everyone can benefit from parenting education. I’ve been parenting for 38 years and I’m always learning something new.