Parenting Now!

Meet Our Board: RL Widmer

When and why did you join the board of Parenting Now!?

I joined the board around 2012/2013. I was an alumni of Parenting Now! and really loved the program and wanted to help the organization in a volunteer role. I am a parent to four children and see the value in helping every parent become better. We all have things we can improve on to become better parents, and Parenting Now! helps individuals improve their parenting skills. As parents become better at raising their children, it has huge benefits for society and our future.

What’s your favorite thing about being on the board?

I love interacting with other board members and seeing how passionate everyone is to help the organization achieve its goals. I also love hearing about all the great things the organization is doing in the community.

Can you talk about your experience of being in a Parenting Now! group?

We moved to Eugene when our first daughter was one month old. We didn’t know anyone in the community and were new parents. It was a very stressful situation, and Parenting Now! helped us make a successful transition not only into parenthood, but the community. We made some lasting friendships in our group and also learned many valuable skills to help us become better parents.

What would you like prospective parents to know about Parenting Now! that you think they may not realize or know?

I would like prospective parents to know that Parenting Now! doesn’t cater to just one parenting style. You will be able to adapt the things you learn at Parenting Now! to your own style and it will help you become better at raising your kids. When you join a group, you will find that every parent does things a little different, and that diversity is one of the most fun things about being in a group. You may hear some ideas that you will want to try yourself.