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Meet Our Board: David Smith

Get to know Parenting Now! board member David Smith:

Q: When and why did you join the board of Parenting Now!?

 A: I joined the Parenting Now! board in 2016 after meetings with Lynne Mender (Executive Director), Katharine Gallagher (Board President at the time), and board members Carrie Hellwig-Christopher and Linda King. They are such impressive ambassadors for the organization and I believe in the mission, so it was an easy decision. The value of investing in prevention, and the importance of parenting skills as part of prevention, are core to the organization and that resonates with me. Also, the organization recognizes that parenting is a learned skill and all parents can acquire new skills.

 Q: What is your favorite thing about being on the board?

 A: I get the opportunity to be exposed to the strength of the programs that Parenting Now! offers and the talented and dedicated staff who deliver them. Hearing the many testimonials from parents who participate in the programs is really meaningful and reinforces my commitment. I also enjoy learning new things from my fellow board members.

Q: What perspectives do you bring to the board?

 A: My background is in behavioral science, technology, innovation, and strategy and I try to bring that experience and perspective to my board activities.

David R. Smith, Ph.D., is President and Chief Strategy Officer at Influents Innovations, a behavioral science research company specializing in the invention, development, and dissemination of evidence-based products and services for health, social services, and education. He enjoys reading, watching movies, playing video games, and trying new restaurants.



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