Meet Anita Geisler, MD



Anita Geisler, MD, is a pediatrician with Oregon Medical Group and serves as President-Elect on Parenting Now's Board of Directors. Let's get to know her more!

When and how did you get involved with Parenting Now?

I have been recommending Birth to Three/Parenting Now for years to the young families that I work with.

What does Parenting Now’s mission mean to you?

I feel very strongly that a firm foundation in parenting will help prevent the ailments of society as we see it today. A healthy start In these early years is a key to an emotionally healthy future for the next generation.

What do you enjoy about serving on the Board of Directors?

I enjoy having input at such a fundamental level to affect change. This includes the fundraising ideas to taking the mission to further reaches within our community.

You work in Pediatrics, how has that influenced your role at Parenting Now? Conversely, how does being on the Board influence your work?

I am motivated so much more as a pediatrician having seen the direct impact that good parenting can have to mold a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult. The board position has made me even more aware of this and, therefore, I share the programs offered at Parenting Now as often as I can.

What do you enjoy about working in pediatrics and helping children?

I enjoy watching my young families grow and learn and succeed with their personal missions in this thing called raising a family. If I can any be part of that, I feel honored.

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