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Language of Love

In this blog post from the Triple P Team, we explore how to encourage toddler language development. 

Toddlerhood is a fabulously fun time for language development. Toddlers are learning new words a mile a minute—and understanding most of what they hear! Like adorable, walking, talking parrots, you’ll notice your toddler repeating back what you just said or words from their favorite songs (“You’re Welcome!”).

Parents play an important role in encouraging their child’s language and communication skills.

We say, take advantage of this time!

Language development begins at birth and blossoms throughout their infancy as you read and talk to them, as well as tell them stories.

By the time they are 12 months old, toddlers understand about 10 words. By their 3rd birthday, that number is closer to 800 words! In between that time, toddlers are working hard to communicate with us—in both the words they can speak and what they can understand.

So what can you do to help support your toddler’s language development?

Language, like other areas of development, has a wide range of what is typical for each age. For common language milestones by age group and tips for supporting language development, visit lanekids.org.  


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