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Lane County’s Positive Parenting Program

Lane County’s Positive Parenting Program off to a Healthy Start!

Last spring, a new parenting education program called the Triple P — Positive Parenting Program — was launched by the Lane County Triple P Team, consisting of LaneKids, Parenting Now!, Oregon Research Institute and Lane County.

Since the launch, Triple P has swept the county with positive parenting messages and opportunities for families. This includes free registration for Trillium Community Health Plan members to join Triple P Online (an online parenting program at lanekids.org), brief parenting sessions during child checkups at primary care offices, and weekly parenting blogs in English and Spanish.

Triple P is designed for all parents and caregivers with kids ages 2 to 12. The idea behind Triple P is that all parents benefit from parenting support and advice.

Triple P provides important parenting tips for all parents — its “Top Five Parenting Tips” are:

  • When your children want to show you something, stop what you are doing and pay attention to them. It is important to spend regular, small amounts of time with your child doing things you both enjoy.
  • Give your children lots of physical affection — children often like hugs, cuddles, and holding hands.
  • Talk to your children about things they are interested in and share aspects of your day with your child.
  • When your children do something that you would like to see more of, give them praise that’s specific. Say, “Thank you for doing what I asked right away.”
  • Children are more likely to misbehave when they are bored. Provide lots of engaging indoor and outdoor activities. Try out Play-Doh, coloring books, cardboard boxes, blankets for fort making, etc.

The Lane County Triple P Team has been hard at work making Triple P available to families in our community. So far, 145 parents have been connected to Triple P Online or other parenting education programs. Parents who have completed Triple P Online, had this to say about the program:

  • “I have been much more consistent with my expectations, and I feel validated that I can just work on having a good relationship with (my child) and not engage in power struggles.”
  • “I’m not stressed out when parenting and feel more confident as a parent.”
  • “The information I got has been very helpful with not just my own children, but for other parents who are going through the same things; it has shown me a lot about taking care of myself as well as my children.”

The success and positive feedback from parents of Triple P have encouraged Lane County’s Triple P Team, along with their supporters, to plan for expansion of the program in 2017-18.

In 2017, we hope to double a number of parents referred to Triple P Online and other parenting programming, continue to publish weekly parenting blogs in English and Spanish on lanekids.org, provide further training for primary care providers and family resource centers in Triple P programming, and strengthen Lane County’s overall parenting education and support.

To learn more, contact Emily Reiter at ereiter@unitedwaylane.org or visit lanekids.org/triplep.

Lynne Swartz, executive director of Parenting Now!, Taylor Ludtke and Emily Reiter, of LaneKids, and Carol Metzler, of Oregon Research Institute, contributed to this article. Parenting Now! is a nonprofit offering groups and workshops so that all children are raised by nurturing, skilled parents; www.parentingnow.org, and 541-484-5316.

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