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Ideas For a Fun and Safe Quarantine Halloween This Year

Many families are looking for ways to have a fun and safe Halloween this year without the usual trick or treating, or large parties.

With the Oregon Health Authority advising families to stay home and avoid trick or treating this year, we asked our Parenting Educators for their ideas for creating a unique and memorable Halloween for children.

“Families really can get creative and make Halloween fun and special by considering what parts of Halloween their family enjoys the most. If it is sweet treats, maybe a special baking project would be fun. If it is costumes, you could focus on that. Or you could keep it simple with a special Halloween movie night with an unusual dinner.” – Meredith, Parenting Educator.

Here are some more ideas from Meredith:

  • Treasure/candy hunt in the backyard, or a scavenger hunt with clues for older children.
  • Make a tent in the living room and camp out there for an evening of spooky stories.
  • Dress up in costume and have a virtual meet up with grandparents, friends, or extended family.
  • Decorate small pumpkins (or make paper pumpkins, bats, spiders, etc) and deliver them in costumes to the doorstep (no-contact) of friends and family.
  • Smash your pumpkins if you just need to get out some wild energy! Seeds can be gathered to roast or bury in the dirt. A pumpkin may grow there next year!

“Our family is going to dress up in costumes. We are going to hide candy around our front and back yard for our little one to find. Then have a Halloween party with festive snacks and Halloween music. It is already our tradition for our daughter to trade in most of her candy to “The Halloween Knight” who gives her a gift for her candy.” – Ali, Parenting Educator

The good news is that Halloween is on a Saturday this year, so you can spend the whole day enjoying spooky festivities. Here are some other suggestions for making the most of your quarantine Halloween:

  • Start your day with pumpkin flavored pancakes.
  • Choose a Halloween craft to make, such as “monster slime.”
  • Learn about Halloween traditions from around the world.
  • Use large cardboard boxes to decorate your own haunted house.
  • Decorate a table to set out in your driveway. Then, make and place individual goodie bags for trick or treaters that include candy or other wrapped snacks.
  • Prepare a Halloween-themed dinner.
  • Have a glow-in-the dark egg hunt.

While it’s a bummer to skip out on our favorite Halloween traditions this year, we can use this opportunity to create new traditions at home—traditions that focus in on the family, and ones that your children will remember for years to come.

For more information on staying safe and healthy this Halloween, visit the Oregon Health Authority website at https://www.oregon.gov/oha/.

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