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Home Safety for Infants and Toddlers

This week, the Triple P Team offers suggestions for baby proofing your home and keep baby safe around water.

There’s nothing like having a mobile infant rolling, crawling, or toddling around to alert you to all the potential dangers in your home. Suddenly, every table, houseplant, bookshelf, and Lego piece can seem like an accident waiting to happen. But with some advance planning and safety measures in place, your home can be a secure space for play and exploration.

Having a safe place for your infant to move and explore is central to their development. Infants are curious about their world and love to learn about it at every opportunity. Providing a safe place for your infant to play not only enriches their curiosity, but also makes playtime less stressful for you—especially when you don’t have to constantly say “no” to touching things!

Room to Play

Different rooms present different challenges for parents in terms of “childproofing.” Often parents find potential hazards by getting down on their hands and knees and crawling around the house to get the baby’s perspective. In addition, creating a checklist can help keep you organized.


Childproofing your home can seem overwhelming and getting started can be half the battle. Make the process easier by working through one room at a time, making simple changes in the rooms your child spends the most time in. Having a safe place for your child to explore is not only beneficial for their wellbeing, but will also provide you with some piece of mind. Happy exploring!

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