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Every Child Is A Creative Child

These days we hear a lot about how our children need to be more physically active – soccer, gymnastics, walking, exercise… Physical activity is essential!

But while we may not necessarily hear about it as much, children also thrive when they are supported and encouraged to be involved with the creative arts.

Getting Your Child Involved

This is the easy part. Kids are naturally creative! Being involved with the creative arts doesn’t mean you have to take your 3-year-old to a Renaissance art exhibit, have violin lessons or go to a Shakespeare festival. There are many age and developmentally appropriate inexpensive and free options:

Your Child’s Individual Creative Self

Don’t force activities on your child, but do give them options.

Supporting Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity Every Day

Children can and do learn from creative arts. It needn’t be fancy or formal, but it can easily be part of every day whether it’s a collage made from sticks found in the park, a formal tot ballet class, or singing in the bathtub. Encourage your child to find what best suits them and gives them enjoyment now and they will enjoy a creative mind throughout their lives.

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