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Dream a Little Dream – Toddler Bedtime Challenges

The Triple P Team tackles bedtime challenges, including refusing sleep or staying in bed. 

Thinking restless nights are reserved exclusively for the newborn phase? Most parents can tell you all ages can have interrupted nights. One in three children under the age of 5 experiences bedtime struggles, which can include:

Most sleep patterns are established in infancy, and even the best sleepers can go through sleep problems during toddlerhood. But there is hope for getting your little dreamer off to dreamland.

Getting Ready For Bed

Toddlers thrive on routine and knowing what to expect next. Set an established bedtime that will fit into your family’s schedule.

Create a bedtime routine for your toddler to follow. For example:

Thirty minutes before bedtime, remind your toddler that it is almost time for bed.

Take a few minutes before bed to read a few books or sing a song.

When you are ready to say goodnight, make it short, sweet, and decisive. Avoid giving in to one more request or complaint.


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