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Tidy Toddlers: Teaching Children To Clean Up

This week’s blog post from the Triple P Team walks us through tips for teaching toddlers to clean up their messes.

From blocks to books, to stickers to stuffies (SO MANY STUFFIES!), life with a toddler is never boring. But with all that fun comes a lot of cleanup. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re putting away toys just as your toddler dumps out a new box of toys to play with—the work of a parent is never done!

Thankfully, by the time toddlers are 3- or 4-years old (although there can be very helpful 2-year olds), they are capable of helping put their toys away. The trick is to make the task manageable for them and not overwhelming. Here are some tips to help teach your kids to clean up their messes.


  • Set a good example by explaining what you are doing while you clean around the house.
  • Use toy boxes without lids for your child to easily access.
  • Pick certain times of the day to clean up: Before transitioning to a new activity; before mealtime; or before leaving the house.

As morning snack time approaches, give your toddler a 5-minute warning (visual timers are very helpful in these instances) that playtime is almost over and that she is going to need to clean up very soon. When the timer goes off, calmly tell your child to start picking up, and be as specific as possible: “It’s time to stop coloring, could you please put your markers in the box for me?

If possible, keep the job small or break it into manageable chunks. Upsets can ensue when the task seems too big. Give a choice: “Do you want to put away the bear or the elephant?” You are giving a choice between two things that need to be put away, and your child will feel like she is in control.

If, after 10-15 seconds, they aren’t winding down their play and starting to clean up, acknowledge their feelings and make the request again. Let them know what’s next: “I know you would rather keep coloring, but it’s time to put the markers away. When we’re done putting away the markers we can have lunch. We’re having mac and cheese—your favorite!

For more cleanup tips, visit lanekids.org.

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