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Responding To Misbehavior In The Classroom

Each school year brings about excitement and anticipation: “Whose class will my child be in? What subjects will they learn about this year? Who will be their new friends?”

New school years can also bring about new challenges. Many factors can influence a child’s behavior, including stressors at home, changes to their peer group, a recent move or change of school. The transition from summer to school may be the simple answer. Take a look at your routines around bedtime and morning routine. Are they getting enough sleep? Eating a good protein breakfast before school?

Even elementary school children with no history of misbehavior can struggle with it at school from time to time.

A concerned teacher may explain that a student is:

  • Not listening to instructions or paying attention.
  • Distracting their peers while they are working.
  • Falling out of their chair or tipping it back.
  • Making noises or talking when it is not their turn.
  • Wandering around the classroom.
  • Unable to complete their schoolwork.

All children are unique and come with their own set of strengths and challenges. Some kids love the routine and consistency that schooling provides; others struggle with the rules and expectations that are placed on them.

In order for a child to learn, they need to feel safe and supported. Ask your child about what is going on at school. Ask how you can help. As your child’s advocate, work with the teacher to help your child get what they need in order to be ready to learn.

For more information on addressing misbehavior in school, visit lanekids.org

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