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Help Wanted: Is Your Child Ready for Chores?

In this week’s blog post from the Triple P Team, we talk about chores.

Ah, summer vacation…

For families with school-aged children, it’s days filled with running through sprinklers, cooling down with popsicles, and eating picnics in the backyard. It’s also a time filled with endless piles of dirty dishes, mountains of wet towels and bathing suites to wash, and sticky popsicle puddles to wipe up.

When the housework starts to feel never-ending and the responsibility of it rests squarely on you and your partner’s shoulders, it might be a good time to establish some household chores for your children to be responsible for.

Many kids can benefit from some daily or weekly chores. Some studies even link early childhood chores to later success in adulthood, pointing to strengthened adult relationships and successful careers. The key is knowing what chores are appropriate for their age group, skill level, and maturity.

For a full list of age-appropriate chores, visit lanekids.org

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