Cornmeal and rice make sensory toys for children

Developmental Toys are in Your Kitchen

Sensory bins can be used to support many areas of a child’s development, including social and emotional. While using the sensory bin, children of different ages and developmental levels can play together, practice sharing and taking turns and collaborate with one another. Additionally, sensory play calms the brain, making it easier to focus and learn, and because there is no ‘right way’ to play, all children can feel successful.

Brainy Play

While consistent routines, good nutrition and quality parent-child interaction time are important, the value of outdoor motor play should be noted, as it leads to positive outcomes. While it may seem counterintuitive, children’s brains are in a better state to focus and pay attention when they engage in running, jumping, bouncing, swinging, climbing, spinning and other movement activities. Physical activity leads to greater learning opportunities.

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