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Bah Humbug! Reducing Holiday Upsets

The holidays are an exciting time for children. The lights, the sounds, abundance of frosted sugar cookies . . . excitement fills the air! For toddlers, however, the change to routine, excitement of toys, and new stimuli can result in emotional ups and downs, including more tantrums or, as we like to frame them, “upsets.” …

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Your Unique Toddler

Toddlers are explosive bundles of personality and energy. One minute they are charming you with their rendition of “Shake It Off.” The next, they are in emotional meltdown mode over their milk being too “milky.” From one minute to the next, you never know what to expect with a toddler. But that’s part of the …

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Childproofing for the Outdoors

Following up on last week’s water safety post, this week we discuss other ways to keep your kids safe in your own backyard. Summer is officially in full swing, which means the sprinklers are flowing and swimsuits have become everyday wear. As toddlers and young children ask to spend more and more time playing outside, …

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Risky Business: The Benefits of Letting Children Take Risks

The phrase “Helicopter Parent” gets thrown around a lot these days. It’s used to describe parents who overprotect their children from risk or failure, whether it’s physical or emotional. Most of us are not as extreme as “Helicopter Parents,” but we want to protect our children. Allowing our children to take risks can be challenging …

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Oodles of Doodles – Getting Creative With Toddlers

Art and creativity are an essential component to the human experience. While we may not all be master painters or seasoned pianists, we all have outlets for our creative endeavors. For some of us, it’s organizing clutter or designing floral arrangements—or maybe, it’s simply getting down and dirty with some finger paints with your toddler. …

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Finding the Right Preschool

Some parents are matter-of-fact about sending their child to preschool. They may have older children who have gone to preschool or friends and neighbors who have placed their children in preschool programs, so they know what to expect. Other parents may struggle with the idea of sending their 2-, 3- or 4-year-old off to school …

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Teaching Your Preschooler To Stop Interrupting

This week, the Triple P Team discusses ways to teach preschoolers how to play quietly and independently while you are busy. When you first become a parent, even the simplest of tasks can seem challenging. But as you move through the baby and toddler years, certain things become easier, such as your child being able to …

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Playground Struggles: Minimizing Playtime Fighting and Aggression

In this blog post from the Triple P Team, we explore how to minimize toddler fighting and aggression.  Ask most parents and they will tell you that preschoolers have big feelings. One minute, they ooze with love and affection. The next, steam is shooting from their ears over the injustices of not being allowed to color …

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Home-Grown Fun

Parenting Now’s July 2017 Register-Guard article in the Healthy Families section: Summer vacation is in full swing, and many families are enjoying more relaxed ­mornings, lazy afternoons, popsicles and sunshine. But along with all that summer fun comes the ­inevitable, “I’m bored.” While we can’t be our children’s 24-hour personal entertainment service, it is important …

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