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Helping Children Manage Big Emotions with Everyday Conversations

When my daughter started preschool, we prepared for the transition. We visited the open house and played games at home with toys who we pretended were going to school for the first time. I took the morning of her first day off so that I could stay if needed. When we arrived, my daughter sat …

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Problem Solving to Reduce Fighting and Aggression

Problem Solving to Reduce Fighting and Aggression It’s not uncommon for children to argue over a toy or become frustrated when they are told “no.” Fighting and aggression—whether it’s in the form of name calling, pushing, hitting, or refusing to share—are common responses when children lack problem-solving skills. It’s important to teach young children the value …

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How to Use Your Attention to Create a Calmer Home

It’s exciting to see your baby start to become a child. They’re a little more independent, able to focus on a particular activity and even entertain themselves for short periods of time. Even though she’s getting older, she still needs lots of attention. Everyone does. Children need attention to survive – without it they won’t …

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Learn About Your Newborn

The phone rang midway through the morning, two days after my granddaughter’s birth and hours before the prescribed ‘discharge time’ from the hospital maternity unit. My daughter’s quiet voice came over the phone line. “Mom, I’m afraid.” “Of what, honey?” “Mom, I can’t do this. The nurse just came in, they want me to get …

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Meeting Breastfeeding Goals

The positive benefits of breast feeding and breast milk are well-known, well-researched and well-documented. In Oregon, more than 90% of women plan to breast feed their baby. For most women, the decision of how to feed their newborn is made while they are pregnant and put into action once the baby is born.

Surviving Postpartum Depression

I struggled with Postpartum Depression (or Perinatal Mood Disorder) from the time my daughter was 5 weeks old. At first, I wasn’t convinced that I had a real problem; I just thought that I was bad at being a mom and I needed to buck up and get used to it. Thankfully, my husband encouraged …

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Favorite Children’s Books

Jennifer Volem, a parenting educator with Parenting Now!, asked parents in several Wonderful ONEs® groups to share the titles of their favorite books from their childhoods. First group: Corduroy I Am a Bunny Baby Listens Baby Face books Camping Spree with Mr. McGee The Foot Book Put Me in the Zoo Tadpole Rex Forest Friends The Little …

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Infants Benefit When Parents Read to Them

Babies enter the world ready to learn. Before they can recognize words, grab an object or even focus their eyes, they can enjoy books. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently issued a policy encouraging parents to read aloud daily beginning in infancy. After all, if we want our children to become lifelong readers, we need to …

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Grief and Continuity During Pregnancy

My grandmother died very recently, when I was 28 weeks pregnant. When I had first told her I was pregnant, my grandmother talked about how excited she was to hold the baby and to be a great-grandmother. As she became ill, she started to give me advice on how to care for the baby and …

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Gifts From Our Parents III

Parenting Now! asked community members to reminisce about the lasting gifts they have received from their parents. Sheryl Kesey Thompson: “Whether they intended to or not, my parents offered my brother and me experiences, opportunities and travels that were unique and full of adventure as we were growing up. Although I remember not always being …

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