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Are you interested in receiving more parenting advice? Triple P Online – Positive Parenting Program could be for you! This online parenting program allows you to take a parenting class in the comfort of your own home, at a coffee shop, or wherever you’d like! If you are interested, submit the form below and information about next steps will be sent directly to your inbox. For more information about the program, visit http://www.lanekids.org/triplep/

Dream a Little Dream – Toddler Bedtime Challenges

The Triple P Team tackles bedtime challenges, including refusing sleep or staying in bed.  Thinking restless nights are reserved exclusively for the newborn phase? Most parents can tell you all ages can have interrupted nights. One in three children under the age of 5 experiences bedtime struggles, which can include: Taking a long time to fall …

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Oh, Brother! Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling

This week, the Triple P Team talks about introducing a new baby into the family dynamic. A new baby means some major changes for the entire family. Children’s reactions can vary from being helpful with diapers or feedings to jealousy or baby-like behavior. Preparing your child for the new baby will help get their bond …

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Kids and Sports

The Triple P Team talks sportsmanship, competition, and selecting the right sport for your child.  In Lane County, spring sports are in full swing.  Soccer, rugby, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, T-ball – everything is gearing up for a fun experience for kids and families.  Sports play an important role in many children’s lives and provide them with …

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Every Child Is A Creative Child

These days we hear a lot about how our children need to be more physically active – soccer, gymnastics, walking, exercise… Physical activity is essential! But while we may not necessarily hear about it as much, children also thrive when they are supported and encouraged to be involved with the creative arts. Getting Your Child …

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Lane County’s Positive Parenting Program

Lane County’s Positive Parenting Program off to a Healthy Start! Last spring, a new parenting education program called the Triple P — Positive Parenting Program — was launched by the Lane County Triple P Team, consisting of LaneKids, Parenting Now!, Oregon Research Institute and Lane County. Since the launch, Triple P has swept the county …

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All Parents Can Use Support

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. Many studies show a parent’s influence on a child’s growth and development is more important than any other factor. Yet no one is “born with” parenting skills – it’s something learned through modeling other parents and learning parenting skills. In cultures and families where it’s more …

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Self Care and Friendships

Parenting, Self-care, and Friendships Despite, and because of the demands of parenthood, self-care is essential for all parents. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have much to give to your children or others.  As hard as it may be to find time, we all need to get good sleep and food, exercise, …

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