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Triple P Online is an online course for parents of children ages 2-12, comprised of 12 modules to learn different skills to help your family thrive. Information is delivered in video format with activities to customize the program to your family. If you or your child are on Oregon Health Plan (OHP) you can get Triple P Online for free.

Exercising Your Child’s Creativity

Kids are naturally creative, and your unique child is going to express their creativity in their own special way. Some kids express themselves through singing; others like to smear paint all over a canvas; and some kids like to make patterns out of items found in nature. Point is, it’s ALL good and it’s ALL …

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STEAM in the Kitchen

Cooking and baking alongside your toddler and young child results in so much more than just a tasty meal or snack! When we cook with our child, we provide opportunities for learning science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). STEAM is a way of looking at learning that explores many subjects within the same activity—and …

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Backyard Pool Safety

Summer weather is upon us and parents and kids alike are chomping at the bit to get out the goggles and cannonball into the swimming pool. But with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, more families are opting for a backyard, above ground swimming pool or wading pool. Swimming and water play bring endless joy to …

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Waking in the Night and Ways To Prevent It

As an exhausted parent of an infant, you may have dreamed of the day that you would finally get a full night’s sleep again—only to find that your toddler is still waking up in the middle of the night! Parenting is about learning along the way and adjusting expectations for your particular child and their …

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Teaching Your Child to Become Resilient

Changes and challenges – big and small – are part of life, and all children will face them at some point. While we can’t protect our children from every hurdle or disappointment they face, teaching resiliency skills to our children can help them bounce back from life’s setbacks. In addition, resiliency also has other benefits, …

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Positive Parenting Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Parenting is important work—but it isn’t always easy. Even though it can be the most rewarding work we do, often it can feel exhausting and demanding. Parents have the important responsibility of raising the next generation. As we walk into this role hopeful and excited, many of us may feel unprepared, learning through trial and …

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Why Kids Steal — and Ways to Prevent It

It could be as insignificant as a cookie off the counter, or a little more troublesome such as a toy from a friend’s house—either way, many children will experiment with stealing at some point in time. While young children do not always understand what stealing is, or know the difference between borrowing something and taking …

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Developing An Interest In Sports

Children are born movers and shakers. Starting in infancy, babies wiggle and squirm in an effort to move their bodies through space, grab onto things, and explore the world. Giving your baby lots of opportunities to manipulate and explore encourages a curiosity and mastery that lays a strong foundation for love of learning and moving. …

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Tips for Reducing In-Person Learning Anxieties

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, children are starting to resume some in-person learning at school. Many schools have individualized plans when it comes to hybrid learning, but whether your child is returning for just a few hours per week or is returning to full-time in person learning, it’s likely that many kiddos will experience some level …

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Single Parenting During a Pandemic

It’s no secret that parents are struggling right now as we approach the 1-year anniversary of the COVID-19 quarantine and associated restrictions. This is especially true for single parents. Managing your job, childcare, homeschool and being responsible for caring for your children all day every day takes a toll. You’ve heard this before, especially as …

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