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Milestones in Speech and Language Development

It starts one day with an adorable babble. Then the next, you’re pretty sure you heard your baby say “Dada.” And next thing you know, your child is talking nonstop about video games, telling Knock Knock Jokes, and reading to you from their favorite book. The first three years of a child’s life is the most intensive …

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Morning Routines Simplified

During a “normal” school year, parents and kids rush out the door each morning, scarfing down breakfast, grabbing their backpacks, and lacing up their shoes, as they narrowly miss the school bus or carpool. This school year, however, mornings look a little differently for many of us. Instead of signing permission slips and finding lost …

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Helping Your Child With Their Fears

It may not be “lions and tigers and bears,” but even happy and secure kids have fears or anxiety at different stages and ages of childhood. Some amount of fear is normal and needed. Fear can protect us from danger and keep us safe. Parents can help their children learn how to respond to and …

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Natural Versus Logical Consequences

Even in infanthood, we learn that there are consequences for our actions. If a baby puts a too-small toy in her mouth, mom or dad will take it away. If a toddler goes outside without shoes on, their feet will get cold. If your middle school child doesn’t get his homework done, it will affect …

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Dealing With Discipline

  Children are constantly developing new likes and dislikes, ideas and feelings. Along with amazing growth and independence, children can also experience frustration and anger, and seem defiant and stubborn. But through these experiences and emotions, children learn persistence and determination! As a parent, you can guide your child to help them become independent, learn …

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Postpartum Depression In A Pandemic

All new parents are at-risk for developing Postpartum Depression (PPD), sometimes referred to as Perinatal Mood Disorder (PMD) during pregnancy or after the birth of a new child. PMD includes postpartum anxiety and postpartum psychosis (very rare). But having a baby during a pandemic presents even more challenges for parents, as you navigate social distancing, …

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Does Your Family Have A COVID-19 Plan?

We are several months into COVID-19 and, unfortunately, it’s looking like we are in it for the long haul. Perhaps, your family has already established a plan for keeping safe and healthy during COVID-19, or maybe now, under new regulations that mandate the use of facial coverings in public, you are having to come up …

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Picky eating or normal toddler behavior?

As an infant, did your child excitedly try new foods, only to become more selective as they entered their toddler years? Some parents jump to label their child a “picky eater” if they: Don’t want to sit at the table to eat Play with their food Are fussy about what they eat Refuse to try …

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Boredom Busters: Tips for Keeping Kids Busy

We’ve made it to summer break! We can say goodbye to remote learning responsibilities (at least for awhile) and gloomy weather, and say hello to the carefree days of summer! Right? Well, almost carefree. As COVID-19 continues to run its course, safety precautions will continue to dictate how and where we spend our summer vacation, …

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