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At-Home Exercises With Baby

This week, guest blogger Erin shares her tips for working in some strength training and cardio while at home with baby. We hope you’ll join us in Parenting Now!’s Mother’s Day 5K on May 14 at Alton Baker Park. 

Before my daughter was born, I used to pride myself on running in all kinds of weather. I’m an Oregon girl—rain doesn’t scare me! But once I became a mom, it was necessary to find ways to get a workout in, even when the weather wasn’t very baby-friendly.

One of my favorite ways to do strength training was to put my daughter in the carrier and do squats and lunges. This can be done with baby in a front or back carry, so it’s great for doing with infants that aren’t big enough for back carries yet. If I was feeling particularly motivated, I would try to clean the house, too! Vacuuming and squatting down to pick up laundry can turn into a real workout with 20 pounds of baby strapped to you, and the continual movement helped my daughter fall asleep.

Cardio from home can be a little more difficult, especially if you don’t own exercise equipment like a treadmill. The best option I know of is a jump rope! A simple jump rope is a great tool for high-intensity interval training at home. When baby is napping or contentedly swinging nearby in their baby swing, get out the jump rope and use a timer to alternate hard and fast jumping with intervals of slower-paced jumping. Your baby will get a real kick out of watching you jump around!

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