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Alumni Resources

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Our alumni and friends are special to Parenting Now! Even though our name has changed, you still have your Birth To Three memories and your “Birth To Three” or “Birth To Infinity” or “Birth And Beyond” group.

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Alumni Resources

The following resources are offered to help parents continue to meet after their group has ended or while they are in between groups.

Parenting Now!’s Assumptions About Parents and Children

1) Parenting is an incredibly important job: our future society depends on our children, so parents deserve much encouragement and respect for doing their best with this enormous challenge.

2) We parents and children are all learners – from the world and from each other. Learning is a life-long process.

3) Parents are their child’s most important guides and teachers, even as parents themselves are learning to be more skilled and sensitive with their children. Just as we learn from our mistakes more easily when others are compassionate, so do our children.

4) More is expected of parents than of children since children are the more vulnerable and are more dependent on adults for their very survival.

5) There are many right ways to parent. We help parents to find their own best way to parent.

6) While all children go through developmental stages, each child is an individual with his/her own unique strengths and challenges. This is (of course) true for parents as well.

7) Children are motivated in their behavior to get their basic physical needs met, by the desire for growth and mastery, by a need for connectedness with others, and by a need to be respected. These are positive motivations, basic needs. Nevertheless, children may still get off track from time to time as they strive to get their needs met. The assumption of good intentions gives parents the opportunity to see more possibilities for the child to learn as well as for parents to be more aware of strengths to encourage and build on. Having a negative assumption about children’s motivation can create a more limited view with fewer possibilities for positive action.

8) A sense of humor is essential to parenting.

Confidentiality for Parenting Now! Group Members

One of the most significant aspects of any group is to foster and promote an environment of trust. For many parents, Parenting Now! groups are the only place in which they feel free to share their hopes, fears, aspirations and doubts as parents and parenting partners. These are difficult emotions to express and the success and ultimate value of your group depends upon creating an open, caring and safe environment.

In most groups, parents express strong emotions and differences of opinions. All ideas and emotions need to be able to be expressed without the fear of judgmental responses from other group members. Ideas and feelings must be accepted as valid, whether or not everyone personally agrees with them.

In order for parents to feel free to talk about their feelings, they must be sure their feelings will not be shared with people outside of the group. Ideas and feelings expressed in your group belong to that group, and not to any outside party. Each group member needs to promise to respect confidentiality. This may be difficult for some parents but an environment of trust is crucial for the success of all groups.

It is essential for groups to reach a formal agreement about what constitutes confidentiality and include this agreement into the overall set of group agreements that each group develops.

Group Guidelines

Parenting Now! groups are a unique combination of support and education for parents. We know parenting is an incredibly important job and parents deserve much encouragement and respect for doing their best with this enormous challenge. Our goal is to celebrate the joys of parenthood and to provide a group environment to promote learning through education, exchange of information, and support. To discover many possibilities for working with our children, even in the midst of challenges and frustrations.

We strive to create a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere where members are comfortable sharing their experiences and exploring new ideas. The statements listed below can be used as a guide for group participants. It is helpful to make a poster and post it up so that everyone is reminded of the agreed upon guidelines.

  1. Be respectful of one another’s values and lifestyle.
  2. When sharing solutions with others, be mindful that you are sharing what has worked for you. Every child and every parent is different and there are many possibilities for handling a given situation.
  3. Show respect for other members by actively listening and keeping side conversations to a minimum.
  4. Use good judgment when sharing information about the group with people outside of the group. It is important to maintain group members’ confidentiality.
  5. All sharing in the group is voluntary.
  6. We assume good intentions on the part of parents and children. Parents want what’s best for their children.

Playtime for Parents and Children

Come to Parenting Now! for Playtime for Parents and Children, and use our playground and a room full of toys. A Parenting Now! staff member is always on-site. Playtime is for parents with children up to age 4.

Playtime is held from 10 a.m. to noon and is open on most Mondays.

Your first visit is free. After that, buy a $15 five-visit punch card if you’re a Parenting Now! family or a $25 card for community families. Buy two cards and get one free! Individual sessions are available for $3 for Parenting Now! families and $5 for community members.

Playtime is free to qualified applicants.

Call 541-484-5316 for more information or send us an e-mail.

Please join us and other parents and children!

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