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All Parents Can Use Support

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. Many studies show a parent’s influence on a child’s growth and development is more important than any other factor. Yet no one is “born with” parenting skills – it’s something learned through modeling other parents and learning parenting skills. In cultures and families where it’s more common for households or neighborhoods to consist of extended families, help with parenting skills and support can more easily come from those nearby family members.

These days, many families live far apart and the need for parenting education and support from outside the family can be great.

Many families also feel that parenting is more challenging with social media and the “electronic age.” Some parents also may feel overwhelmed by too much differing information on how to take care of children. Some families may have high stress because of their life experiences. Some parents want to parent differently than the way they were raised.

What is Parenting Education?

In a nutshell, parenting education helps parents be more successful in raising their children by supporting them to learn skills so they can parent according to their values, parenting skills, and providing support. Parents learn about the needs of children and the needs of parents too.

Parents can learn about:

Group-based parenting education can also help reduce isolation because parents meet with other parents. You might, for example, learn you are not the only one having a hard time getting your child to sleep or be able to find someone for a playdate.

Parenting education groups can connect you with community resources, answering questions like:

When you reduce isolation and get more support, resources and information, your stress goes down.

We Could All Use A Little Help

Every parent needs help with parenting skills and support, no matter what your culture, family background, location or financial status. Every parent can benefit from parenting education groups.

The life experiences of some families can also add high levels of stress. There is added stress to parents who are, for example, in families who:

Added stress makes parenting education and support even more important.

Does Parenting Education Really Help?

While parenting education groups and curricula are not all the same, numerous studies show that parenting education, in general, is important for families and our communities.

When parents participate in parenting education, their children are more successful in all areas of life. When supported, parents learn to provide:

In turn, children:

Parenting education also helps prevent child abuse and neglect, even when a family is at high risk or there is a history of abuse in the parents’ family background. Parents can learn ways to parent differently than they were parented, breaking a sometimes generational pattern.


Parenting Education in Lane County

Parenting education groups are not meant to replace family or community support, but no matter what your circumstances, all parents can use the support and tools parenting education can provide.

Here in Lane County, we are privileged to have great opportunities and options from tried and true organizations and programs. The following agencies offer parenting support and parenting education programs that are worth checking out!

Get Support!

No matter what your situation, parenting education in person or online will surely help with the everyday stress of parenting and increase the joy of parenting. Your children will benefit greatly and grow up to be caring and responsible adults. That helps your family and our entire community and society. Check out some of our great Lane County programs today.

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